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Redefining boudoir photography


Boudoir photography at it's most basic level is the most unique and personalized gift you can give your husband or partner. At it's core though boudoir photography is so much more, it's, as I'm told from the women I've photographed, "a life changing experience."

My boudoir photography focuses on an experience of empowerment. We are all self conscious about our bodies and I think that is truly sad so as a boudoir photographer I set out to change women's perspectives of themselves by showing them their true beauty. I offer an option of a professional hair stylist and makeup artist which I highly recommend for the sake of relaxation. Once your hair and makeup is finished we will work together show the best version of you and make you shine brighter than you've ever done before in any photograph. 

Women tell me their boudoir photography experience with me was a transformational experience, they walk away with a completely different perspective on their appearance and many for the first time see themselves how their husband or partner see them, you see their eyes when they look at you, how fantastic would it be to see yourself through their eyes. This is more than looking good in photos, this is about loving yourself as you are. Contact me today to schedule your transformation. Collections begin at $450.

Here is a link to a gallery of my boudoir photography, all posted only with express permission from the women.
Please be aware there is some mild nudity in some images.

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