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Wedding Planners and Why You Need to Consider One

Did you know half of all wedding couples go over budget? Often it's from nickel and diming themselves with decorations here which worst of all, compromises then have to be made in areas that are important to them. Hiring an event planner will keep you within budget; they know the costs and how to maximize your return. It is an extra cost however it’s not a substantial cost and there are many different packages you can choose but importantly a wedding planner can save you more money than you spend on hiring them.

A wedding planner is great not just for budgeting reasons but for peace of mind. You know everything is being done by someone who has experience with planning and organizing weddings every day. You will not have to constantly stay in contact your multitude of vendors to check in and make sure everything is being prepared correctly because your planner is staying on top of it; you only need to reach out to your planner to make sure everything is coming along as you wanted before your wedding. More importantly, if a vendor drops the ball and overbooks themselves and for example suddenly has no chairs for your ceremony or reception (it happens) a caterer doesn’t bring the food or some other issue, on your own that throws a major wrench in your day. The amount of professional relationships an experienced planner has gives them the best opportunity to try to find alternative solutions all without you having to lift a finger so you can keep enjoying your day as you dreamed.

Wedding planners offer everything from helping you make a budget and providing vendors that meet your priorities and budget to complete planning, decorating and tear down and at the end of the night and I know at the end of a long day like a wedding day it would be amazing to have someone else come in to tear down and clean up rather than having to do it yourself and recruit friends and family.

I have personally worked with several wedding planners and am more than happy to recommend some to you. 

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