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Avoiding wedding spam from visiting a bridal show

When you register for a bridal show, enter contests to win something at the show the information you provide, name, email address and phone is put on a large list and sold to vendors. Some of the large franchise vendors will even spam with weekly text messages. Planning your wedding should be fun, not an expedition in the 7th ring of spam hell.

Unless you are providing your phone number to a specific vendor you are interested in or want to learn more from I advise using a fake number, especially for show registrations, try to use a prefix of 555 if it lets you, for example, (402)555-1234. 555 prefix is not a real number so you won’t be sending spam texts and calls to some poor old lady. As with anything make sure you don’t need a real phone number if you are entering for a prize you really want to win, in that case you have to deal with the calls and texts unfortunately. There are some apps in the app store for Apple and Android that let you create a 2nd number for a price so that may be an option if you plan on entering a few contests that require your number.

Make a wedding specific email address, you will receive lots of spam and contacts once you start registering and reaching out to vendors. We all get enough stuff that we never read in our inbox so making a separate email account will keep all that out of your personal inbox.

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