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How You Spend Surprisingly Little Time Together At Your Wedding

You’ve met your best friend, fell in love and can’t stand the idea of not spending the rest of your lives together, awesome! Oddly on your wedding day, the day you promise to spend the rest of your lives together you get very little time together and nearly no period of calm together. You may be thinking, “Mike, how is that possible?” You start your morning with hair and makeup, and mimosas, it’s ok, a wedding has the same rules as camping, it’s ok to have a drink in the morning haha. You have your ceremony then your reception which aside from dinner your first dance, a lot of couples spend time apart greeting friends and family they haven’t seen in years.

This is your wedding day and your choice, however it’s worth considering a first look before the ceremony, your partner will still have their jaw dropping reaction when they first see you but it’s between you two and that opens the opportunity to spend some extra time together before your wedding ceremony. In every wedding I’ve documented where the couple had a first look the groom still had a wonderful reaction to seeing his bride walk down the aisle because it isn’t just seeing her, it’s about the promise he’s about to make.

Another good opportunity is between the ceremony and reception and taking some time for a few creative portraits. This is actually a quiet and calm time of you two together and basically flirting and having fun together after your ceremony.

For your wedding reception I always recommend planning 10-15 minutes of running off somewhere private together just to have that time alone on your wedding day and let it all sink in. Your wedding day is going to fly by so it’s important to plan these little breaks in the day to slow it down and have that time together.

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