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A DJ or Live Band For Your Wedding Reception

There are a few fantastic live bands that offer their talent for wedding receptions and they definitely bring a presence that can’t be matched by even the best DJ but there pros and cons.

Some of the liveliest wedding receptions I’ve covered had a live band, check out The Confidentials or Gooch and His Las Vegas Big Band, they bring a lot of character and interaction into your reception and the fact there are real people playing real instruments has a huge impact on your guests making them want to get out of their chairs and enjoy the evening. A live band really makes your wedding reception a night to remember, just make sure your reception location has room for the band you’re considering.

DJs are typically less expensive than a band as you are paying just 1 person opposed to a band. While DJs will need a break in the evening for using the restroom or grabbing a glass of water just like the band, they can set up a playlist to where nobody notices when they have to leave where when the band has to take a break everyone notices. DJs by nature also have access to a wider library of music than a band and a can easily switch genres of music.

Regardless if you choose a band or a DJ for your wedding reception it’s important to get feedback from other couples who used them as either one will be driving the schedule and tempo of the evening and an inexperienced one can and does keep guests off the dancefloor and will kill your party.

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