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Why Wedding Photojournalism is Becoming More Popular

Essentially there are two types of wedding photography, wedding photojournalism, sometimes referred to as documentary wedding photography, the other type is basically everything else which is some form of portrait based wedding photography. It can be referred to as natural light photography, modern, fine art etc. Before we go further there is something important to know, with wedding photojournalism becoming more popular a lot of websites advertise themselves as such but specialize in portrait photography, you can easily tell by looking through their weddings and seeing if there are predominately detail and portrait photos or more “candids” in their real weddings they show.

There is nothing wrong with either type of wedding photography, just like some folks prefer chocolate and others vanilla, (personally I prefer peanut butter with chocolate lol) some prefer a portrait based photographer and others prefer a wedding photojournalist.  A wedding photojournalist is more than someone that captures candids, anyone is capable of that, the experience a wedding photojournalist brings to your wedding day is being able to tell a story inside each single image and the ability to weave all the images from your day together to tell your story so that your wedding album is truly unique and customized to you. Another reason wedding photojournalists are becoming more popular is we are hands off, this day is about you and yours and we don’t want to intrude and negatively impact naturally occurring moments.

Wedding photojournalists still capture your details, the family group photos and a few creative portraits of you and your spouse together like you would expect but as you can imagine those are small parts of the day instead of the focus of the day.

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