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Own Your Wedding Day

Being a wedding photographer I have the privilege to meet so many great couples who all have distinct personalities and unique aspects about their relationship and interactions with friends and family. Some of my couples realize early on that their wedding day is about them and their relationship and make it truly their own from getting married in a backyard and inviting just a few people, non-traditional wedding gowns including red and even skipping a formal reception and playing in their band at the reception. A few time though I’ve had couples express regrets that they let family and wedding websites influence their planning and wished they did something non-traditional that was more in tune with their personality.

While you may get some pressure from family to have a traditional wedding this is about you and yours and is an important step in YOUR relationship, after all you don’t let people influence your decision on your first date or anniversary ideas. Your wedding doesn’t have to be an impressive and traditional affair, planning your wedding your way gives you the benefit of much less stress and a fun filled day. You only get married once, make it yours, recite your vows in a hot air balloon, have a bon fire reception or whatever fits your personality so when you open your wedding album and look back on your wedding day you know you made the day yours.

In the end it’s your wedding and you should do what you both want whether it is a traditional wedding to something completely wild. This is where hiring a wedding photojournalist is a benefit because we are used to working in any almost situation and easily go with the flow of whatever happens and don’t interrupt the fun to get a posed shot.

Wedding Photographer Michael Herod