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I'm Mike, thank you for taking the time to check out my website and congratulations on your engagement! 

I am a wedding photojournalist or documentary wedding photographer, both mean the same thing of essentially being a witness to the day and not manipulating moments. That's my love, capturing moments that unfold naturally in a unique and intimate perspective to tell a story with a single image.  As a kid I grew up going through National Geographic, Time and Life wherever I could find them. I was completely fascinated with the photo essays about people and amazed how those photojournalists were able to capture so much emotion in a single image and at the same time telling a story so I could in a way connect with people I've never met and relate to their story that was being covered. That, in my opinion is the most powerful part of photography, is being able tell an emotionally driven story so not just you and yours can relive the emotions of the day but your friends and family that weren't able to attend can look through your album and connect with your story. I'm your photojournalist for the day to tell your story of not just your wedding but the small moments that would otherwise be forgotten with time.


Avery, my awesome little girl on one of our many walks.

Avery, my awesome little girl on one of our many walks.

Wedding Photographer Michael Herod